Indian gun Company as a collective is based on the community effort put forth to release the album titled, "Indian gun Company", by Caleb Paul Humphries. Though, the album was his first solo effort; Humphries has been performing with various bands including 26 Ways and The Roland Jones Orchestra since, 2000. Currently, Humphries is included in the roster of The Maroons, Humphries and McEntire, as well as a solo act that specializes in loop performance.

Recently, the track "Another Year", composed by Humphries and long-time writing partner, Jared McEntire, was featured in the Back of the Rack section or Their contributors had this to say of the performance: "With vocals reminiscent of Elvis Costello and an Avett Brothers sound, “Another Year” was a no-brainer for this month’s BotR. Humphries brings extra texture to this track with the double bass on the low end. With the guitar and banjo picking laying over the top, the composition hits on all cylinders."

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